Carol Cronin is from the east coast of Ireland but found her great inspiration by moving to the west side of the island, almost at the farthest western point of Europe — on a peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean. The moods of the sea are captured in a remarkable way by this native Irish painter. Here is just a tiny sample of Carol’s amazing artwork, inspired by the ocean — you can find a whole lot more on Carol’s website.


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I came across Carol’s Atlantic Ocean studio in a video on Amazon, Scenic Walks of the World: Romance with Nature. About 14 minutes into the video, Carol’s studio in an old historic chapel is shown, followed by scenes of the intensely wild ocean nearby. What a unique setting for an art studio, with a stunning effect on the artist’s work! Below are a few pictures from the video featuring Carol’s art studio. Amazon Prime members can watch the entire video — and others in the same series — for free.

Visit Carol Cronin’s website.

Watch a YouTube video with Carol talking about the effect of the ocean setting on her art.

Read an article by one of the many admirers of Carol’s art.


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