Cheryl Lea created a series of colorful and decorative cans to store her color-theme copic families. Each group gets their own special words or phrase on their own can, colored by members of their own family. What a cute idea, and what a way to display your collection in an appealing and functional way! Thanks, Cheryl! 😀


The full set:
cheryl lea ink up blog copic marker storage cans colors words cute diy

Three of the seven:
blue range copics storage tin display idea artist   ink up studio cheryl lea copic marker storage containers diy   collection of copic markers decorative storage display can design diy black greys neutrals


Ready to see the whole lot, individually?
Copics in a Can: Blues
Copics in a Can: Greeens
Copics in a Can: Reds
Copics in a Can: Earth Tones
Copics in a Can: Yellows
Copics in a Can: Violets
Copics in a Can: Neutrals

And here’s a link to the page with the whole set — which is also the one above, for the neutrals:
Copics in a Can: Complete Set


If you like this idea, be sure to drop Cheryl a line to show your appreciation. Happy coloring, friends! :O>





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