Back in 2008, the Collage Contessa posted a collection of tips for organizing and using your craft space.

She shares ideas for organizing ribbon and lace, paint containers, buttons, and small objects such as games pieces and bingo chips. She also makes a point to keep your most frequently used tools and materials close at hand, and to use clear containers so you can see what you have and therefore be more likely to use it. There are also tips about incorporating music into your crafting time as well as hosting an organizing party where friends get together to help sort supplies, then go home with your freebies (materials you are clearing out, getting rid of).

Here is a collection of photos from the Collage Contessa’s art studio. Visit her blog for more!

I could not find anything online by the Collage Contessa that is more recent than 2014, but she did have an Etsy store and a Homeschool Blog. Perhaps this crafting friend just needs to know we’re out there, her fellow artists, waiting to see what she’s up to now. 😀





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