I’ve never met a Copic marker user who was disappointed in the product. Everyone I’ve talked to about these alcohol-based markers are wild about them and can’t get enough! THAT means we all have to find a good way to store them! Since both the color and the name/number are on both tips of these markers, you will want a storage solution that allows the tips to be plainly seen. Here are the 3 basic methods or positions:

copic markers alcohol based art studio storage ideas

1. Permanent Upright or Vertical Storage
If you choose this method, you can use cups or containers of any type — or try to recreate the lovely basket-style metal holder above!
Try angling the bottoms of your upright containers away from you slightly, so that you can more clearly see the Copics’ colored tips.


storage markers desktop handy slanted shelves copic alcohol ink

2. Permanent Horizontal Storage
Choosing this method is as easy as laying the markers on your desk or shelves. However, if you can make the surface slanted, allowing the Copic tips to point slightly upwards (like the design shown — click the pic for more info), it allows for a clearer view as well as easier access. With the bottom angled down, it’s easier to grab out a single marker without others being pulled out along with it.


horizontal or vertical storage markers stackable plastic transparent containers

3. Variable Horizontal or Vertical Display
If you can find see-through plastic containers that are at least half as tall as the Copics, you can alternate between standing them upright or laying them down. Clicking the pic jumps to a very brief posting in which the author recommends using the upright position for use by many artists, and the horizontal shelf-like display for a single user. As always, angling the Copic tips toward you is beneficial, whenever possible.


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