Are you looking for a little movable organization for your art studio or craft space?
Here’s a nice broad selection of models, each available on

The IRIS 10-drawer cart style=

rolling craft storage paper supplies materials organization ideas

This plastic tower of drawers with casters on the bottom measures 14.2 x 12.1 x 42.2 inches and is currently selling for about $70 USD. It only weighs about 12 pounds. It has 10 shallow drawers, all the same size. Great for storing scrapbooking paper!


The IRIS 7-drawer cart style=

storage cart casters wheels rolling

This tower of drawers measures 14.2 x 12.1 x 42.1 inches — identical to the previous one, but it has 7 drawers of differing sizes, rather than 10 same-size drawers. The two would look good together, side by side, for a variety of storage needs. Both models have an “organizer top” — click the links to see pictures of this feature. This 7-drawer cart is selling for only $53 USD.


The IRIS 6-drawer shortie style=

rolling cart storage organization craft supplies paper

Another great option for paper storage is this smaller 6-drawer version which measures 14.2 x 15.9 x 26.8 inches and sells for only $35 USD on There is also a black version style= to match the ones above.


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Honey Can Do 12-drawer cart style=


With its chrome bars, this cart is easier to roll around than the all-plastic models above. This one has 12 drawers of various sizes and measures 15.2 x 25.1 x 31.8 inches. It weighs about 20 pounds and is selling for about $71 USD.


Honey Can Do gradient tower style=


With its fashionable white to black drawers, this rolling cart with 2 locking wheels will add a little flair to any creative space. The unit features 10 drawers, measures 12.99 x 15.35 x 37. 4 inches, and sells for $51 USD.


The KAYSEV colorful cart style=


Much like the last cart but with slightly shorter drawers that are designed to fit 11×14 inch paper, this colorful cart also comes in black and clear versions. It measures 14 3/5 X 12 4/5 X 33 4/5 inches and sells for $47 USD.


Honey Can Do filing cart style=


If you have paper scraps and other ephemera that would be easier to find in hanging files, this is the cart for you! It features space for both regular and legal files, along with 5 drawers of various sizes. This unit measures 15.2 x 21.5 x 28.8 inches and sells for about $65 USD on


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Honey Can Do activity cart style=


If you are a clay artist or work with some other media that involves water, you may opt for this cart designed to withstand children’s activity adventures. It features 3 shelves with 7 removable storage containers, 4 plastic pockets on each side, and a removable plastic sheet with 6 shallow, long pockets on the back. It measures 13.6 x 24.1 x 34 inches, weighs about 27 pounds, and sells for about $78 USD.


ADEPTUS pine wood carts style=


If you prefer real wood, this company makes 4 different versions of rolling cart with drawers that are suitable for craft storage:
6 drawers — 25.8 inches tall and 25 pounds — $40 (shown)
8 drawers — 31.7 inches tall and 39 pounds — $100
6 wide drawers — 24.41 inches tall and 32 pounds — $81
8 wide drawers — 31.7 inches tall and 50 pounds — $118
All versions are solid wood, no particle board.


Studio Designs art cart style=


Here’s a fun design! It even has straight pocket shelves on the other side, similar to the rounded ones seen in the pic. This delightful little art cart measures 20.25″w X 14″d x 32.5″h, weighs just over 40 pounds, and is currently selling for $128 USD on Amazon.


Homz Mobile Craft Station style=


This fun cart has it all! A ribbon roller, peak-a-boo drawers, one big shelf, and an organizer top. The back side features slots for holding long rolls of wrapping paper (or canvas, etc) upright and organized. This craft cart measures 17.7 x 17.7 x 34.9 inches, weighs 30 pounds, and sells for about $60 USD.


Which cart is YOUR favorite?





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