The folks on The Wet Canvas forum have shared several ideas for modifying a store bought shelving unit to create an upright storage rack for drying or storing paintings.

The forum thread is called, “I’m Building a painting storage rack“.

Pictures of completed modifications are shown below, and details of construction can be found on the forum by clicking the link above.


These racks were modified from an old IKEA shelving unit that does not seem to be currently available.
Here’s a pic and a link to something similar, now available on Amazon:

ikea shelving unit upright wood

IKEA Gorm Shelving Unit

And if you’re modifying what you have, or building your own, here’s that closeup of the vertical wires that hold the paintings in a vertical position:

closeup view storage paintings wire separator

And the finished result, using that system:

store paintings upright modified shelf rack


If you have designed or used a similar or other successful setup, please share with others, in the comments section below. Thanks! 😀





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