George Dombek art studio entrance

George Dombek is a watercolor artist who works on a grand scale. He purchased a piece of property as a blank slate and has been building it up to suit his needs for home and studio for the last 30 years almost. What started as a relatively simple structure based on his paintings of old barns, is now an elaborate home, studio, and gallery. The property is landscaped to create a peaceful retreat that also showcases some of his 3D art — and I bet this beautiful location in the ozarks inspires anyone who visits!

Watch the video located below the pics for a full tour of Dombek’s property — you’ll love it! He even has created a large hole in the floor of his studio where he can raise and lower his large in-progress canvas — you’ve got to see this! 😀


You can see more on George Dombek’s Official Website. Enjoy!


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