Michael Deas’ portraits have appeared on many United States postage stamps, and it was he who painted the famous Columbia Pictures logo, reminiscent of the Statue of Liberty.



Michael was interviewed by Chirs Bynum of the Times-Picayune, resulting in an excellent article describing his newest studio in New Orleans which features the superb natural lighting of floor to ceiling windows. There are few pictures, but the text is both interesting and wonderfully descriptive. Highly recommended read! 😀

Two pics of Michael Deas’ art studio in the French Quarter of New Orleans:

michael deas art studio ideas lighting new orleans famous painter portraits american stamps


art studio painter portraits michael deas new orleans


On Michael’s artist website, there is also the following YouTube video that may be of interest. How he gains a new perspective of his work in progress using a mirror is shown just below, above the video link.

artist portrait painter michael deas american stamps mirror image video



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