From Fine Scale Modeler comes a few more ideas for Paint Bottle Storage:
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paint shelves storage solutions painting display wall shelf organization art studio ideas
Simply create shallow shelves above and behind your painting area, creating a small wall of easy-access paint.
You can see your colors at a glance and waste no space and no time gathering supplies!

paint jars storage display colors rack steps
Create a step-design display so that you still can see all your colors at a glance, and raise them above eye level.

paint jar storage dividers drawer colors
If you need a tidy solution for out-of-the-way storage, simply create a divider to put in a shallow drawer. Pick up one of those sturdy plastic set of drawers from your local Walmart or similar store, and customize it to fit your size and style of paint containers. The clear material used here is said to be “flexible cutting boards” but you could even use cardboard, posterboard, or foam core board — or any material you have on hand that will be rigid enough to create dividers, yet able to be cut and trimmed.

If the visible side of your jars or bottles does not show the color of paint it contains, just use the paint to fix that — paint the lids, the labels, or just paint & stick on adhesive labels like those little white circles or squares that can be found in office supply aisles.
Who said storage can’t be fun or creative?


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