This graphic art design studio in Minnesota is featured in a photographic tour on Share Some Candy: Workspaces.

The inspiration & idea wall below is interesting enough…

studio on fire graphic art artists idea wall ideas
(click to view larger)

… but check out this display of beverage cans above the water cooler…! Love it!

beverage cans above water cooler break room graphic design art studio ideas

Now, I really do not know if those are alcholic beverage cans, so please forgive me any possible offense here.
I also realize this particular display would yield the most inspiration to a particular type of graphic artists or creative marketing directors, but I think it is so unique and extensive as to be quite impressive AND inspiring! I’m sure at least SOME mixed media artists, and even painters, would be able to get ideas by gazing upwards while sipping water in this break room. šŸ˜€


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