If you love yarn, try googling “Yarn Stash” and click the images tab… Guaranteed to make your next hour or so disappear into browsing delight! 😀

Click this pic to go to its Pinterest appearance, complete with some rather humorous comments. Feel free to pin it and/or add your own comments!

yarn wall stash room craft storage solutions ideas organization colors textiles

Here’s a link to a fun blog entry — in Spanish — that includes the pic above along with nine other yarn stash/organization pics:
“Ideas para ordenar madejas y ovillos” (no need to speak Spanish, just enjoy the eye candy!)

For a little more artistic display of your yarn stash, check out this page of pics, which includes the wine rack below:
“Yummy Yarn Stash Photos”

wine rack for yarn storage high quality vintage ombre wool expensive display

Have a fun idea to show off your yarn stash? Leave a reply and tell us about it, below! 😀


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